About Wheely

Wheely is just a mystery game with a cute art style. Your work is to find the cute small car during the obstacles and reach the finish of the level.

You’re going to need to observe and utilize the things around you to complete the degree in “Wheely”. By way of instance, one time you’ve got to go the car in to the lift, then restrain the elevator by simply turning the lever to lower the car so that it is possible to last. Other times you need to utilize the additional cars to help your car keep the degree. There’s also 1 time you have to make use of a box to cover up the car by the cameras, etc.. . There are numerous obstacles in each level that you must pass to finish the amount.

Wheely requires accuracy and good timing, and also the gamer needs to also look closely to understand what they can use at the degree that will help them reach the conclusion of the level.

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