Dead Zed 2

About Dead Zed 2

Dead Zed two is a part two with the intriguing shooter show developed by 3KG GAMES. This match has simple graphics, convenient for people that love guns and zombies. It is possible to experience this match on your own browser as it is really a flash video game.

In this match, your duty is to destroy each of the zombies that are approaching you. However, the match has some updates:

Time: This is your resource. Time is used to search parties, repairs weapons and upgrades. You will have “Time” after killing zombies.

Morale: Morale affects the performance of the survivors.

Day: you have to survive for 40 days to finish this specific game.

Barricades: It shows the point of this defense against zombies.

The interesting point in this match is that you will have the ability to make use of “Rage Mode”. Whenever you kill zombies, Rage Mode bar will increase. You’re able to kill zombies with only 1 bullet while you are in Rage Mode.

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