The Spear Stickman

About The Spear Stickman

The Spear Stickman is a “shooter game” published by QKYGAMES. The game has easy gameplay and is suitable for those who enjoy archery, javelin … You can experience this game in your browser because it’s a flash game.

In the game, you control a stickman and your job is to hit on the enemy. To destroy an enemy, then you’ll need to hit numerous times. But in the event that you reach the enemy’s mind, your enemy will die instantly.

Your enemy may also strike you, in case you hit multiple times you may lose. When you hit the apples onto the enemy’s mind, you will receive the “coin”. You are able to use coin to equip yourself with all welding helmets in the shop. You might even have coin by killing enemies.

You will have to use the mouse to draw the “direction” attack for the stickman. The game doesn’t save the previous shot. Thus, you need to focus on take fast and accurately to complete the stage.

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