Laser cannon 3

About Laser cannon 3

Laser cannon 3 is still a action game with a very fun match – play. The video game is made by Sigma Studio, which supports 24 unique languages and permits you to play web flash.

From the game, you need to control a cannon laser and find a way to destroy all the critters inside the map. Each map will possess different monsters and their location will also be different. Some will soon be protected by walls or a few will have safeguards which protect themselves. You’ll find a total of 3-5 stages in the game.

The intriguing portion of the video game is that there is going to be metal places. You’re able to fire bubbles in this area and the bullets will change leadership. Or you can shoot the bombs so they are able to reach and kill the nearby creatures.

When the stage is done, the device will automatically base on the number of shots that may give you points and gold celebrities. Additionally, there are 16 achievements for you personally.

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