Money Movers

About Money Movers

Money Movers is a puzzle game with a cute art style made by Meow Beast output. In this game you control two characters simultaneously, one of them is small but fast, whereas the other person is big and strong but slow. You’ll have to work together by ways like giving you a chair to allow them to jump out of their cell, pressing on a button to escape on the elevator, sitting on each other to jump beyond the barriers… to be able to finish the levels.

Apart from going pass the barriers in each degree, you’ll also need to bypass the cameras without even being discovered, working together to overcome the prison keepers… to be able to access into the exit doorway and complete the level.

There are 20 degrees in Currency Movers and you can take 60 money bags (3 money bags per level). Let attempt to grab all of the money bags on the way.

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