Red Ball 3

About Red Ball 3

The plot of this game is that Red Ball and Pink Ball fell deeply in love with each other that makes Dark Ball become obsessed, causing him going to Red Ball shape the straight back and also kidnap Pink Ball. Your objective is to Follow Black Ball and rescue Pink Ball.

This game includes a total of 20 degrees, each having its own unusual challenges. Similar to the first 2 games, your goal here is to move the red ball over dangerous terrains, challenges, obstacles, cubes in route and safely reach the ending flag.

Nevertheless, in this particular game that you never need to get all of the celebrities before reaching the finish of the level, though now there are just two types of celebrities: silver stars which give you 10 points every single accumulated and gold stars that provide you 50 points every once accumulated. Of course the celebrities are in extremely tough to reach locations but that does not mean it’s not possible to get them.

Back in Red Ball 3, together with each level you’ll also have to face off against an assortment of new challenges like spike ditches, rotating wheels used to maneuver wooden boards using switches… that will ask that you time it just to be able to use them for at the next spot.

Some times, small flags can appear at the numbers which behave as your save points. It makes it possible to keep at the spot that you just save once you expire to prevent you from having to replay from first.

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