King’s Rush

About King’s Rush

King’s Rush is an exciting action genre developed by Smokoko S.A. The overall game has cute graphics and interesting games that are appropriate for all ages, especially kids and families.

You’ll get a grip on the king and conduct so far as you possibly can. The longer you run the more gold you’ll get. This gold is used to improve your cart, buy gadgets or boosters that will assist you conduct farther.

You will find a total of 3 are as, in which Frostland may be the first region where you will begin the travel. Additionally, the game has a system of achievements with 10 challenges for you and also different features have never yet been unlocked.

The most intriguing point of this game may be your barriers on the way. You’ll fall upon snowmen, snow piles obstructing your way or giant snow creatures. Benefit from the abilities you need, such as jumping to dodge barriers or shooting bullets to kill enemies before you personally.

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