Red Ball 5

About Red Ball 5

You can find a total of 30 levels in this game, each with its own distinct challenges. Within this area, you should need to over come challenges at a jungle area filled with many types of creatures and creatures such as stretches of road full of spikes, tree branches covered in spikes, blossoms that shoot out projectiles, spiders, birds…

In each level, you start out with 3 hit points, should you touch any of the enemies or traps, you’ll either lose half or 1 of a winner line depending on the enemy or trap. Reduce all your wellbeing and it will be game over.

If you fail to be at a level, then click the walk through button to see the way that overcome that particular level.

Everytime you complete a degree, the game will give you a certain number of stars with the max being 3 stars. Just how many celebrities you get depends upon those categories:

Pick up all of the gold stars at a degree and you’ll receive 1 star.

Continue to keep your 3 hit points and you should obtain another celebrity (2,5 hitpoints still count).

Complete a degree in a specific quantity of time and you’re going to get the next celebrity (the sum of time changes based on the degree).

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