Waste Invaders

About Waste Invaders

Waste Invaders is actually a bullet-hell shooter type game. If you’re a fan of shooting down enemy aircrafts and collecting power ups in route, then that is the game to get you personally.

In “Waste Invaders”, you control an air craft armed with progress weaponry being 2 laser guns firing out the leading along with your purpose is to destroy as many enemy air crafts as possible and receive the maximum score attainable. Try to not crash into the enemy aircraft and be aware that the enemy aircraft may also take thus you’ll need to dodge the bullets as well.

Once you begin playing with, the match will give you 3 resides. From the game, you can find power ups which it is possible to pick up like bullets that are stronger, an x 2 score multiplier or perhaps a shield that temporarily protects you. You could also talk about your score on Facebook and decide to try to access on the top 10 top scores on the online leaderboard.

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