Kaboomz 2

About Kaboomz 2

Kaboomz 2 is the second part of the fun puzzle game set released by Flazm. The game comes with simple gameplay along with colorful graphics, convenient for all ages, especially kids and families. You’re able to experience this game on your own browser as it is a flash web game.

In this area 2, you will control a cannon along with your task will be always to take all of the red bubbles from the map. The game has a total of 30 maps using different challenges for you personally.

Exactly like the first part, you may even encounter challenges obstructing your path. However, the traps and challenges have been increased harder. You are able to shoot from the tiles to destroy them and create a “course” for you to finish the stage.

The intriguing thing in this game is that the blue balloons. You must not shoot at them. If you take them you will lose. You need to let them fly to the sky.

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