Whack Your Ex

About Whack Your Ex

Whack Your Ex is also a fun match. This match has simple images, suitable for many ages. You’re able to experience this match in your own browser because it’s really a flash video game.

In this match you will experience an extremely interesting sensation. At the match screen are two personalities, a boy and a woman. The boy will represent Ex-Boyfriend and the girl will represent exgirlfriend.

In addition, you’ll discover lots of objects in the map as gift boxes, gadgets, laptops, fists, high heels … All these are objects you could utilize to “donate” your old enthusiast in This game.

Fun point from the game may be that the outcome of every object within the match. If you pick a notebook, the guy use it to beat the girl’s mind consistently. In the event you pick a fist, the girl will punch the guy. In the event you choose high heels, then the guy may get the shoe that your ex is carrying and also the other girl’s shoes to burn off most them…lol

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