Shell Shockers

About Shell Shockers

Just how many shooting .io games have you ever played on our website? Have you ever gained a title of those best shooter in this globe? If so, why not you jump in to the home monitor of Shell Shockers and then show your amazing shooting skill? I am certain that you soon love this game as it supplies loads of awesome things to explore.
The way to engage in

Among the most interesting things that I extremely love in the massive .io world can be a variety of characters. Shell Shockers can make you amazed because your primary character is actually a cute egg. There are 3 different eggs including Free Ranger, Soldier, and Scrambler. Each will probably be equipped with a variety of weapons in addition to different features like Damage, Accuracy, Rate of Fire, along with Range. Naturally, you want to consider carefully and choose one for the upcoming fierce battle.
The next surprising idea is the battle happens in the 3D environment . Every thing appears lively and real so that you could believe that you’re in an actual war.
However, you have no time for admiring the spectacle as there are a lot of enemies enclosing. Of course if you’re not careful, you are able to be taken by anyone. This is exactly why you will need to fire fiercely and at precisely the same moment dodge cleverly. Never show your winner to any enemy or you will perish and can’t find the top position on the leader board.
Rather than looking for brand new weapons in route, you are able to change them freely. And what exactly you collect will be available packs of eggs so as to grow the number of bullets. Got it?
Though you just carry out a single action of shooting, this match provides you incredible and fantastic moments. I’m confident that you can’t quit playing before gaining the maximum place to prove your self as the ideal shooter. But, don’t forget to log in this game via face book so that you are able to track your stats readily.
In case you truly want something to enjoy in your free time, Shell Shockers is just one among my top picks. Harness here and PLAY it immediately! Hope you have more pleasure and enthusiasm!

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