TU 95

In TU-95, players take on the role of a pilot operating the Tupolev TU-95 bomber. The gameplay involves various missions and challenges related to flying and controlling the aircraft. Players must navigate through different scenarios, including takeoff, landing, and mid-air maneuvers. The game is known for its realistic flight simulation and attention to detail in capturing the characteristics of the TU-95 bomber.

Objective: The primary objective varies depending on the mission, but it often involves successfully completing tasks such as delivering cargo, performing strategic maneuvers, or landing the aircraft safely. Players must pay attention to factors like fuel consumption, altitude, and speed to successfully complete each mission.

Controls: The game typically utilizes keyboard controls for various aspects of flying the TU-95, such as adjusting throttle, flaps, and landing gear. Successful navigation and mission completion require a combination of skillful piloting and strategic decision-making.

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