Bomb It 2

About Bomb It 2

Bomb It is the second portion of this humorous and exciting bomb-battle show developed by In Section two, the video game keeps the qualities of Part 1 such as adorable images, bright colors and is suitable for most ages, especially kids and loved ones.

The gameplay in this part 2 is slightly different. The game nevertheless enables gamers to play with 1 participant and two players to the same PC, but now you will have four distinct match modes together with Unique prerequisites:

– Arcade: Requires you to destroy the whole enemy.
– Weapons just: Kill 10 enemies.
– Color the tiles: color 50 tiles.

After choosing the match style, you can customize the range of players, the number of players in the map, degrees, theme map last but not least the difficulty of the stage.

Bonus things now are additionally split into many categories. We will have Power-Ups items, Weapons items and notably Vehicles. Go through the overall game to learn about these.

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