Papa’s Burgeria

About Papa’s Burgeria

Papa’s Burgeria is a recreational game for Those with a Cunning art style Made by Matt Neff and Tony Solary from Flipline Studio. In this game, you play either as a man (Marty), a girl (Rita) or you may create your own character through the Develop a Custom Worker

After you start the game, you’re able to see an introductory video about the game: You have lucky and won a prize so today you are encouraged to Papa’s Burgeria to obtain the prize. But when you go to get the decoration, you realized that the entire Papa’s Burgeria restaurant is your prize. The operator and workers have given you all rights to this restaurant and also so your occupation now is to manage the job of the restaurant.

The processes in the restaurant are divided into 3 Major sections:

Order Station: Write-down the client’s purchase onto the order ticket.
Grill Station: Cook and reverse burger patties here. Bear in mind how big is this hamburger that the client wants.
Build Station: Stack hamburgers and sandwiches here. Remeber to Adhere to the customer’s petition when Selecting the vegetable, sauce…

Subsequent to the customers finish eating your burgers, you’ll be critiqued based on the 3 categories above, and the higher your score, the more hints you’ll receive in addition to mini-game tickets that can be used to obtain items from minigames including decorations to the restaurant, and clothing for the personality… as the tip can be used to buy equipment to help cook faster, restaurant decorations too or accessories for yourself…

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