Trollface Quest Sports

About Trollface Quest Sports

TROLLFACE QUEST: SPORTS is one of those puzzle games made by PPLLAAYY. In this part of the game there really are a total of 10 chief stages with the theme of the point regarding the sport.

At the beginning of the game you’re going to soon be shown a short clip about the primary character sitting at the pizza shop where a burglar is grabbing a pizza and kicking off the buttocks. Angry about that, our personality is made to increase his health by practicing sports in yield for payback against the thief.

Interesting point of this game would be to maneuver each point, you must discover a means to troll our main personality. As in stage 1, our character is still practicing cycling on a desk, to be able to pass this point you want to click to take away the 2 screws of the table out so that the bike jumped through the window To land lol Each point will have its own obstacles, and you also want to give consideration to all the episodes at the stage, because there is only one small event which will get you during the stage.

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