Papa’s Pizzeria

About Papa’s Pizzeria

When you begin the game, then you get to see an introductory video on the game: You play the part of an employee at Papa’s Pizzeria. As per usual, you were riding your motorcycle to the restaurant however now whenever you arrive, that you don’t see the dog owner anywhere. Searching, you discover the operator’s note saying that he’s currently on vacation and he requests that you just look after the restaurant for a while. Your work today will be to complete the everyday tasks of this restaurant.

The procedures in the stall are divided into 4 main sections:

Order Station: Writedown the client’s order on the order ticket.
Topping Station: shirt your pizza order here. Remember to select the toppings that the consumer wants.
Baking Station: Cook the pizza here. Don’t forget to period it when cooking the pizza. Remember that the reductions need to be accurate.

Subsequent to the clients finish eating your pizzas, you’ll be critiqued based on the four categories above, and also the greater your score, the more hints you’ll receive in addition to mini game tickets which could be utilised to obtain items out of mini games like decorations to the restaurant, clothing for the personality… while the tip can be used to purchase equipment to help cook faster, restaurant decorations too or accessories to yourself…

Daily you’ll serve a specific number of clients and after serving them, you are going to receive Points that once you’ve enough is likely to make your Rank increase. Additionally when you commence a brand new day, you will serve new clients as well as unlock fresh ingredients

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