Orion Sandbox Enhanced

About Orion Sandbox Enhanced

In this game, the play mode is still the same as the first game. On the other hand, the images have been updated to look nicer.

Just like the first game, you are permitted to customize your character in the title screen.

In Orion Sandbox Enhanced, there are still 7 Chief sections, but now each segment has a few small changes:

Blocks: you can make unique materials to build homes, this time there are far more forms of bricks, plates, walls, blocks and other fresh things like roof tiles and louvers.
Decorations: this time there are lots of new decoration pieces and some of them are updated versions of things like the workbench, furnace, alchemy table…
Tools: this time there are far more powerful tools with much higher attack power and durability.
Armors: make 7 distinct sets of armors to assist reduce damage when being assaulted and clothing that you wear with some places that are really good but may want a good deal of rare materials.
Weapons: you will find other weapons apart from bows and swords that are even stronger such as firearms as well as dynamites.
Consumables: this segment is interesting as you can create new kinds of potions which cause affects like make you run faster, jump higher, turn invisible, change gender…
Repair Things: you will find new tools, weapons and armors that you fix.

This time there are lots of new creatures for you to kill and get meat and other materials such as cows, sheep, foxes, wolfs…

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