About Treasurearena

Can you become a Warrior, Rogue, or Mage in As a brand new, addictive 2D top-down shooting game on .io sport record, be liberated to play it on line or download on any device and enjoy a crazy battle with lots of great actions.

Remember that each map provides your preferred personality amazing abilities (play to know as I won’t stink anymore). In addition, the sport has a significant SURPRISE. That is to accumulate much gold at a restricted time. Is it too simple for the shooting game in the .io series? Obviously, not since you need to encounter different gamers who have the exact same objective. Along with the authentic thing is that everyone is excited for attacking each other.

Start moving across the map to look for large chests with gold and also a few Pickups Points to catch powerful weapons and amazing power-ups at the exact same moment. Even though the main request is to gather as much gold as you can, the weapons are quite important to attack the enemies and guard your personality while the power-ups give valuable skills.

Ah! Do not forget another important matter when battling against other players. Avoid using the weapons frequently and always take care of your character’s endurance. Since every activity (shooting or utilizing the skill) consumes the endurance, if it reaches zero, the match will be over straight away. Therefore, you need to devote a little bit of time on regaining the character’s stamina. Especially, when viewing an arrow towards the chest, be quick to achieve there and catch 12 gold and a healing potion. Or defeating any player to get gold is also a wonderful idea. However, avoid overdoing because you might die soon.

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