Flying Cat

About Flying Cat

Flying Cat can be a endless runner type video game. The cat has to get coins and crimson diamonds on the way to be in a position to make it to the objective.

In this match, the coins and diamonds function as an energy source to allow the cat to continue flying, if you really don’t continuously collect it then you’ll fall back off and it’s game over. Attempt to collect as many diamonds and coins as you can as it is useful for up grades for yourself. The 3 skills that you may upgrade are shields which means that you may take more strikes, a magnet which means that you can draw money from a distance and the duration of the superb mode.

There’ll soon be several coins in locations where the hurdles such as storm clouds, laser walls, and black holes… have been in the manner. Our feline also comes with a super style, which when used can make the cat not be affected once hitting on the barrier and even though hit the boss’s attack for a brief period of time. Once you use it, it’s going take some time and energy to recharge this specific ability.

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