Vehicles 2

About Vehicles 2

Vehicles two is the sequel to this fun puzzle game collection. In “Vehicles 2” You will find 40 stages with every 10 stages categorizing a Kind of assignment :

Phase 1 10: forcing faculty.
Phase 11-20: municipality levels.
Phase 21-30: remove dark.
Stage 31-40: skill levels.

Vehicles 2 performs just like the first game, nevertheless now the degree designs are a lot tougher and so the sport provides you a “Power” role for each type of car :

Police cars’ will earn a U-turn.
Ambulances will make reactive jumps.
Fire trucks may use responsive engines.

Additionally, there are other games in the show for you to play just like.
The Way To Perform

Click the left mouse to go the motor vehicle and click again to prevent it.
Click the gray striped stretches of road to make them disappear.

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