Epic Clicker

About Epic Clicker

The game has two modes for players: Local and Online. If you play online, you will be encouraged by a Pet also it will help you a whole lot.

Before you start the game, you will see a tutorial about the game’s narrative. Everyone destroyed all the critters, but the demon lord appears, always kicked all people. And your task is to be alone against the evil forces that are appearing. You’re the last witch.

You will use the mouse to click on the monsters. With each click will be a dip. After the monster is out of HP, it disappears and you gain gold. Utilize this gold to upgrade your harm, or to rescue the heroes being petrified.

The attraction of the sport is that there are lots of excellent features. When you level up, you’ll unlock new spells, or you will have random items which will appear on the display, or you are going to get daily login … Notably the Boss, after beating the boss “Gang Nam Style”, you will be opened treasure chests.

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