Ice Cream Pirates

About Ice Cream Pirates

Ice Cream Pirates is a fun puzzle game. Your job in “Ice Cream Pirates” will be always to help the naughty elf take care of the treasure chest before the pirates access to it.

Ice Cream Pirates will interests players for the reason that after each stage the amount of pirates will increase, you’ll have to put traps at the perfect spots to take out all of the pirates before they arrive at your torso. However, you will have to set the different traps at the right locations as the pirates can use certain what to get pass the seals. You’ll also have to calculate to have the ability to set the right traps at the ideal spots. For instance, King Kong can take up around 3 pirates, so the bee’s nest can simply take out up to two pirates… however in case the pirates still possess items chances are they can easily pass on the creatures and then decrease the lack of pirates.

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