About Mushroomer

Mushroomer is a experience match made by Alexander Ahura. At the game you will play a guy with a hammer on his rear and learn more about the mushroom kingdom, so your task would be to shoot all the dishes onto the road and also visit the doorway through the next.

Game impressed by the cute images and glowing, close game world.

The game has an overall total of 30 degrees. First you will have 9 networks. Should you hit a enemy or reset the level, you lose a system. And at each level is going to have the number of mushrooms that you need to collect, if not enough you will not be in a position to degree. When you consume mushrooms, you are going to gain things, and in the maps there’ll be hidden chests in hard to get places, however when you obtain them will find a great deal of points.

The game also has many challenges for the gamer, on average taking good advantage of the blocks, moving them, throwing them or beating them to make way to them, or you have to create use of the gears, push Cease up them to create portable wooden ladders, and also the areas where the air bubbles allow you to move to a higher position …

The enemy system in the game can also be rather diverse, sometimes you will face the mushrooms turn into phantom mushrooms with teeth that are sharp, monsters with the insect readily available prepared to strike when you approach. And the dragons have the power to spitfire … you can destroy them by using stones on them or together with the hammer to reach on them.

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