Truck Loader

About Truck Loader

Enter the game and you’ll discover your job is to control a little car with a crane that attaches to the magnets to position the crates set up on the big truck until the language “Leave the Truck” Now, you leave the large truck and fill out the stage. Additionally you need to use the mouse to get a handle on the crane to correctly place the crates in difficult positions.

Challenges from the vehicle loader aren’t easy, first you’ll need to handle the opening of their barriers to find the crates, be careful not to let the crane clamping the crane is likely to produce the crane Your car stinks and you also fail in that stage. Also you’ll need to make use of the elevator to get the boxes. Note there’ll be brittle bins, and you should be quite careful in moving them, when you break them you’ll neglect at the point.

Box placement can be challenging of this game for you personally. You must put the proper surface of the container based on the arrows printed on the carton. Otherwise, the language “Leave the Truck” will not arrive.

At the beginning of each stage, the system will count the seconds and display in the upper left corner of the game screen so that you know how much time needed to cross the stage.

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