Ragdoll Achievement

About Ragdoll Achievement

Ragdoll Achievement is an extremely violent sandbox game designed by Anton Velmozhniy and Eugen Ocheret’ko, programmed by Konstantin Shelest with art produced by Dmitry Nikolaev. In this game, your work is to place a number of types of firearms and traps within a confined room so that it may cause the most damage possible to the evaluation dummy that’s placed in the middle of this room. The amount of damage from the traps and weapons will likely be depended on by the dummy.

When starting up the game, you’re going to be provided a tutorial and will have a couple traps unlocked at the start. There are multiple kinds of weapons and traps along with a couple of other activities, and should you result in a certain amount of injury to this dummy, a particular trap/weapon will soon be unlocked. Remember that you can shed the dummy as much times as you need but each time you drop it, the more damage counter will refresh and perhaps not mount up.

One more interesting feature is that you are consistently awarded 3 objectives to complete every time you drop the dummy, and depending on the purpose, you’re able to receive money. In this mode you have every trap/weapon in your disposal and you’re not restricted to how much money you’ve got.

The very enticing thing about this game that’s also what gets the challenging for players is that each trap/weapon will have a unique specific applications, placements, activation scope and price. You’re going to need to attempt to create the best combinations of traps/weapons it is possible to come up with in order to manage the maximum amount of damage possible to this dummy. You can take a trap/weapon back or put it elsewhere in case you feel that the positioning of it isn’t proper, and once you take a trap/weapon back, you are given back the cash which employ to get said trap/weapon.

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