Crazy Pistol

About Crazy Pistol

Crazy Pistol is a shooter game made by ESERGAMES. The match has adorable images and simple gameplay, yet convenient for everyone that like shot. As it is a flash game, then you can play with the game in your browser.

In the game, you can control a gun as well as your assignment will be to shoot goals in the map. Whenever you hit the goal, you get points. If you miss, you are getting 1 error. Whenever you obtain 20 errors, you could lose.

There are 4 Kinds of targets from the game:

Duck: Move extremely fast at the bottom of the screen. Take it’s going to be 550 points.

Ball: Moves very fast in the exact middle of your screen. Shoot it to get 750 points.

Target Archery: persist to get a few seconds and then fades. Shoot it to get 250 points.

Picture: moving slowly. Take it to receive 500 points.

There are also robots. You want to shoot many days to destroy them. You will also have 3 trophies within this specific game. Each decoration is likely to be a necessary score which you will need to attain.

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