Earn To Die

About Earn To Die

Get To Die Is Just a running game Made by Toffee Games and Maybe Not Doppler. Within this match, you’ve got to really get your character to the end of the highway. In “Make To Die”, your personality needs to have to pass the zombies and arrive at the helicopter to flee, however the street is quite long and you’re going to first need to grab your self an automobile so that you are able to access your helicopter.

Your intention is always to drive your car through dangerous terrain and churns via zombies while attempting to drive so far as possible and soon you go out of fuel. After that you can use the money to either buy bigger cars or upgrade portions of one’s present car such as brakes, engine, fuel tank, booster, and automatic firearms…

Getting started, the match will provide you a tiny old car or truck, out there you must proceed with it and make an effort to get just as much money as you possibly can which means that you may upgrade your vehicle or find yourself a fresh auto, carry on doing this until you arrive at the helicopter by the ending.

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