Papa’s Cupcakeria

About Papa’s Cupcakeria

Papa’s Cupcakeria is a recreational game for Those with a Cunning art style developed by Matt Neff and Tony Solary out of Flipline Studio. Within this match, you play either as a guy (James), a woman (Willow) or you could make your own character through the Create a Custom Worker feature.

When you start the game, then you have to watch an introductory video about the game: the store you are employed in has just been awarded the right to make and sell beats. In the road back into the store form where you have the certification, another motorcycle rams into yours and breaks it out. You desire the careless driver to pay off the amount of money to repair the motorcycle, but he doesn’t have some money. Seeing case, the shop owner decides to pay for the money to your careless motorist while at precisely the exact same time forcing him to work at the cupcake shop. From here you play with the role of the newest employee as you attempt to help this cupcake store get more clients and be popular.

The procedures in the shop are divided in to 4 Chief sections:

Order Station: Write-down the client’s purchase onto the Purchase ticket.
Batter Station: Firstline the pan together with an Baking Cups that the customers ordered. Next choose the Cake Batter that the clients ordered. Fill a cup with batter (Quit filling if it’s about half-full).
Bake Station: Place the grinds in to the toaster. Don’t forget to time it just so that the cup cake will be yummy. Then add the batter on the cupcakes according to the consumer’s request.

Subsequent to the customers finish eating your cupcakes, you are going to be critiqued based on the 4 types above, and also the higher the score, the more tips you’ll receive in addition to minigame tickets that could be used to get items from mini-games including decorations for the retail outlet, clothing for the character… as the tip may be used to purchase equipment to help cook faster, store decorations as well or accessories for your self…

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