Fancy Pants Adventure

About Fancy Pants Adventure

In this sport, you control a rod person with flowing hair and a touch set of yellow pants as you decide to try to obtain across rough terrain at a jungle. The rod man is able to move in very significant rates and may conduct throughout loops. Your job is to get the stick man through the dangerous terrain and enemies, grab coins and safely reach the conclusion. Starting out at every phase, you have a gym and 3 lives. Whenever you touch an enemy, then you’ll get rid of somewhat of health insurance and also you’ve go out of H P, you are going to lose a lifetime.

It’s possible to conquer an enemy by jumping on their thoughts, or by gaining momentum as a way to curl up and roll them. There are many types of enemies you’ll encounter in your own journey such as spiders, gun-wielding rabbits, giant birds… The interesting thing about this game is that there are definite tunnels in every point, and should you detect them, indoors will have a great deal of coins that you get. There is also a Trophies platform which you may see in bonus rooms through the action. You may realize that the gameplay of the game is similar to Mario or Sonic.

The other special thing about this match is that in the conclusion of every stage, you’ll have to face off against another boss when you try to locate their weakness as a way to conquer them.

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