Footgold Evolution

About Footgold Evolution

Footgold Evolution is just a special sports game released by ONDUCK GAMES. The game has easy gameplay and is Acceptable for People Who like to play soccer, golf … You can encounter this match from your browser as it is a flash web

At the match, you are going to discover a means to put the chunk into the hole onto the area. This really is a mixture of foot-ball and golf. You can find a total of 24 stages in this game. Each stage is likely to soon be a big challenge for you.

To set the ball to the pit, you uses the mouse to adjust the shot as well as the direction of this ball. However, there will be a great deal of obstacles on your way. These are simple challenges, when you hit on them the ball will come in an alternative direction or so the barriers reduce the “force” of their ball. However, there are a few obstacles that will violate the chunk.

Each stage will have “Par”. If the range of times your chunk is more than “Par” then you may only get 1 star. There are up to 3 stars to get each stage in this game.

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