Bomb It 6

About Bomb It 6

Bomb It is the sixth installment of this incredibly addictive and fun bomb game set made by Inside this part 6, the video game retains the qualities of the prior variant as adorable images, bright colours and suitable for many ages, especially kids and family.

The game version 6 is similar to variation 5. The game still allows a player and two players on exactly the exact same PC. Nevertheless, the sport has some differences as follows:

– There are 8 characters for the player to choose from.
– Personality picture chibi-style.
– Enables custom switches to control the character to the player’s liking.
– There are 7 types of power up items.
– There are 7 types of Weapons Item ( completely not the same as Part 5).
– There are 4 kinds of vehicles ( completely separate from the 5).
– There are 9 different fashion items.
– Supports 23 different languages.

After choosing the match mode, you are able to customize the range of players, so the number of players at the map, degrees, stadium and finally the issue of this point.

The game styles are also distinct than 5:

– Battle Royale: Kill 10 enemies.
– Green zone: occupy 10 green zones.
– Survive: be the last one standing!
– Treasure trail: collect 10 coins (new manner).

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