Clicker Heroes

About Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes is a game in the clicker game genre with exceptionally adorable images. The game is made on flash weband you will readily encounter this match. Game will have two main interface. 1 is the monster interface and two is the Upgrade Hero interface.

At the monster port, there will be adorable monsters emerging. You need to click multiple times on these. Each click will be a slash. And make the monster lose HP, once the monster doesn’t have HP it will disappear and you’ll get gold.

The Upgrade interface will allow you to seek the services of unique heroes with various strengths. These Heroes have different strengths, the higher the Hero price of gold, the stronger the Hero. In addition, you may also update the Hero which you’ve hired to raise the ability of this Hero.

In any case, the game also includes Achievements with over 100 assignments for you in this. Additionally, on peak of the monster interface you will see a selection of maps.

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