Amigo Pancho 2

About Amigo Pancho 2

Amigo Pancho 2 is a part 2 of this puzzle game series produced by Yury Koshechkin.

Pancho will still possess two bows in his palms, and you’re going to still have to get a way to have Pancho out of ny together with both of these balloons. However, the enemies in this section will be harder, they’re eveil aliens, the fire barrels are burning fire round … and you also have to create use of the motor vehicle to shove away the aliens, Or push put Pancho at the perfect location, sometimes you have to utilize the push of this cork to crack the barriers on the road … and of course, you might have to click to violate some endeavor evaporate to simply help Pancho escape safely.

The fun part is the fact that after completing stage 7, Pancho will face a competition. He had two balloons in his hands, unlike both white balloons of Pancho, his two balloons were so black. From now on your own duty is to avoid him from surpassing Pancho by trying to destroy his two black balloons.

The game includes a total of 25 stages. Each point at the beginning will have 2000 points and the quantity will fall until you finish the stage. Now, the remaining part of the score is that the number of points you will gain from this stage. Also, at each point you’ll have the ability to have yourself a max of three gold stars. The number of celebrities you receive will be dependent on your own score. There are milestones to attain the corresponding range of celebrities for every stage.

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