Papa’s Wingeria

About Papa’s Wingeria

Within this game, you play with either as a guy (Chuck), a woman (Mandi) or you also can make your own character through the Create a Custom Worker feature.

After you begin the game, you get to watch an introductory video on the match: On a bright and sunny day, as you were watching television, you suddenly get a letter saying you have won a visit to Starlight city. When you reached the city, you got to spin the wheel and won the special prize that’s that the Papa’s Wingeria restaurant. You’re granted possession of the restaurant and will now begin working at the restaurant.

The processes from the stall are divided into 4 Chief sections:

Order Station: Write down the customer’s order on the Purchase ticket. Don’t forget to time the skillet of this meat just
Sauce Station: throw your wings in different sauces here. Don’t forget to choose the ideal type and volume of sauce that the consumer wants.
Build Station: Arrange your wings and sides on a plate here. You want to set the food onto the correct spots on the plate.

Subsequent to the customers finish eating your poultry wings/legs, you’re going to be critiqued based on the 4 categories above, and also the higher the score, the more tips you’ll receive in addition to minigame tickets which can be utilized to get items out of mini games like clothing for your character… whilst the trick can be used to buy equipment to help cook faster, more restaurant decorations too or accessories for yourself…

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