Load Up And Kill

About Load Up And Kill

Load Up And Kill is a puzzle game Made by ESP Animation. This match has simple images. It’s possible to experience this game on your own browser because it is a flash game.

In this game you will be given 6 firearms, including: chainsaw, pistol, short gun, machinegun, sniper-gun along with katana. Your task in this game is to locate a way to stock the weapon up and use it in order to kill the captive.

The prisoner was supporting the cell door. In order to enter this room you will need to fill your weapon. For instance, you choose katana and also you have to drag out the shell so that you are able to use it.

There are seven strategies to kill the captive. With 6 weapons you will have 6 methods to kill the prisoner. Yet another special method, please always click on the bottom of the cell door to locate this secret.

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