Ben 10 Dragon Blaze

About Ben 10 Dragon Blaze

Ben 10 Dragon Blaze is a shooting game that extremely attractive. The game has adorable graphics and play style suitable for all ages.

When you enter the game, you will be in control of a dragon (exhaling orange flame). Control this dragon and then destroy all enemies which appear in the sky, and especially the Boss of every point.

The intriguing part of this game is that you’ll have 2 dragons as well as a dragon that shoots green fire along with a dragon shoots grim fire. You have to be able to unlock both of these dragons. And of course, they’re more powerful than your very first dragon.

These things will appear randomly when you kill enemies. When you eat these things, the dragon will take stronger. Also, you must note your HP bar. Every time you strike a bullet or touch an enemy, you lose HP. Whenever the HP is gone, you will be over. You’ll also have 3 combo attacks in every single stage.

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