Pixel Castle Runner

About Pixel Castle Runner

Pixel Castle Runner can be a infinite runner type game. In this video game, you control a knight and try to operate as far as possible in the castle when picking up coins scattered on the road. In your way, there will be several barriers such as the dangerous terrain, so the spikes on the ground and also on the wall that you’ll need to dodge and the birds and bugs moving around providing you with trouble.

The interesting part of Pixel Castle Runner is you may throw daggers ahead to destroy the enemies or even to open chests and get more coins. Additionally you need to be aware of time your jumps to conquer the walls, spikes, bottomless pits… realize that as soon as you support the mouse, you are going to jump higher and further.

The graphics, sound and music from the game also provides you an 8-bit feel which may make the game seem longer relaxing and old-school.

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