Gun Zombies

About Gun Zombies

Gun Zombies can be a shooting game made by DOMINICK BRUNO WEB / ADVERTISING. The game has impressive images, suitable for people that love zombie and horror matches. You may play this game on your own browser because it’s actually a flash video game. Game requires players over 1-3 yrs of age.

In the match, you’re going to be given 6 firearms and 5 grenades. You cannot proceed and you also may just take the zombies coming towards you personally. You need to shoot them to destroy them. Should you let them get near to you they will kill you.

When your gun runs out, reload or switch to some other rifle. Shoot the ammo boxes on the game screen to get more ammunition. These boxes may appear randomly.

The grenades are going to have the consequence of killing many zombies simultaneously. Use them if way too many zombies are coming you.

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