Night Lights

About Night Lights

Nightlights is a great puzzle game made by Bombocracker. With unique gameplay and simple graphics, this internet flash game is acceptable for many ages.

The match includes a total of 15 stages. Each stage will probably be different maps along with your duty is to find the way into the exit door to keep on playing with the next stage.

In every phase, you are going to come across the very special lights system. These lights can illuminate a room and assist you to proceed throughout that area. With no lights you will not be able to make it through the walls.

The lights can be very diverse. You might need to switch on the switch to activate them, or else they will automatically proceed in a specific distance … and you have to rely on these features to complete the stage.

The most fascinating feature in this game is the lamps. You can pick them up to carry along. You can also turn them on to light up the area you’re standing on. This is an excellent and important feature so it’s possible to overcome difficult obstacles in this match.

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