Papa’s Bakeria

About Papa’s Bakeria

Pa Pa’s Bakeria is a recreational game for all ages with a cute art style Made by Matt Neff and Tony Solary from Flipline Studio. Within this match, you play with either as a guy (Timm), a woman (Cecilia) or you also can create your own character through the Produce a Custom Worker feature.

When you start the game, you get to see an introductory video about the match: You’d just found your dream job working for a dancing team in Whiskview Theater. Once you’ve applied your CV, you were hired. Regrettably, even whenever you’ve reached your destination, then you realized that the place was closed. As you ‘ re being sad, the master of Papa’s Bakeria (situated in Whiskview Mall) told me that his store was looking for employees. Because you were sad as a result of not needing a job, you agree to the operator’s job invitation.

The approaches from the store are divided in to 4 Major sections:

Order Station: Write down the customer’s order onto the Purchase ticket.
Build Station: First you have to pick the bottom of the cake, then put in a variety of seeds into the cake, and then you’ve got to pick the surface of the cake. It all needs to adhere to the customer’s request.
Bake Station: Bring the cake into the toaster to start baking. Don’t forget to time it precisely so that the cake will probably be delicious.
Best Station: as of this point, you’ll insert the toppings on the cake’s face according to the purchaser’s request.

After the clients finish eating your cakes, you will be critiqued based upon the 4 types above, and also the higher your score, the more tips you’ll receive as well as mini-game tickets that could be used to get items from mini-games including decorations for the retail store, clothing for your character… while the tip can be used to buy equipment to help cook faster, save decorations as well or accessories to your self…

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