Awesome Cars

About Awesome Cars

Amazing Automobiles is definitely an infinite runner style car game using an incredibly simple but intriguing approach to play. Your aim in the game will be to get your own car up to as you possibly can.

After every run, according to the exact distance you have reached, the game will reward you with stars (the max is 3) in addition to money based on your own score. You can utilize this cash to either upgrade your car to ensure it is better or purchase a newer and newer vehicle. On the way, in addition, there are gold coins which you could collect to maximize your score.

The interesting issue is that the game provides you a lot of choices in buying a new car in addition to upgrading the automobile itself.

There are 9 different types of cars and you’re given the first one free of charge while the other ones each have another price. What’s special is that the more expensive the vehicle is, the greater it’s stats will probably be. You will find 4 stats including Speed, Jump, health insurance and Nitro.

There are 12 functions that you can upgrade for the car such as Magnet: increases percentage of appeal. Even better Tires: increases percent of friction. New Engine: increases percent of power.

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