Scary Maze

About Scary Maze

Scary Maze can be just a skill – match with gameplay that is intriguing. This match has simple images, suitable for all ages, particularly people that love the task. It’s possible to experience this game on your browser because it is actually a flash video game.

This match is your maze. When you pass this particular maze, you are going to carry on to manage another maze. Of course, the greater the maze, the more tougher it really is.

The rules of the game are simple. Your mouse will soon be a small dot onto the game screen. And you’ll truly have a maze. You need to move the mouse over the gloomy path. If you touch the black walls you could lose.

At the first point, the game is really simple with small maze and wide paths. But whenever you play with at higher mazes, you may realize that they will soon be wider and also the course will soon be narrower. This could be the process for you in this match.

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