Build Balance

About Build Balance

Build Balance Can Be a puzzle game Having a cute and familiar Art-style Geared Toward Youngsters and

In this match, you try to arrange the blocks so they don’t fall off. After you finish placing the last block, then a timer will appear and then it finishes, if the blocks still have not dropped off you then’ve pass that degree.

Stepping into each level, the match will prearrange several blocks to make a shape and you also have to rely on that to keep on arranging the other cubes. There are many types of cubes like horizontal blocks, vertical cubes, round blocks, square blocks, triangle cubes… and you should take notice as the blocks may arrive in different sizes. You are able to locate the information regarding the shape and size of the blocks that you have to prepare on the top corner of this screen.

Remember that the round blocks will roll round in the event that you put them in areas which can be uneven and that the bigger the block the heavier it will be.

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