Jungle Runner

About Jungle Runner

Jungle Runner can be an infinite runner type video game. What’s special in this particular game is that it has a number of different challenges and the gamer also have many skills that they can activate.

In “Jungle Runner”, the player controls a raccoon as it undergoes the stages within this mysterious jungle and then catch the diamonds along the manner. The raccoon will always run as well as your work is to utilize the mouse to get the raccoon pass the hurdles such as jumping up bigger roads, throwing oranges to conquer the enemies, rolling out under spiky wooden logs, dual jump to reach on the diamonds high up… Recall that every time that the raccoon’s hit, and it is going to lose 1 hit point.

Jungle Runner additionally features an upgrade platform where it’s possible to use the diamonds you accumulated to upgrade the raccoon’s abilities like increasing its hit points, running speed, the capacity to regenerate… or raise the duration of power ups you’ll be able to obtain within the levels including magnets, protects…

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