Uphill Rush 2

About Uphill Rush 2

Uphill Rush 2 is a very exciting racing game released by spilgames. The sport has adorable graphics, colorful and is acceptable for all ages, especially kids and families.

At the game, you will control a motorcycle and take part in the Race. There are a total of 8 races, 4 races have been unlocked and the rest are locked, you have to complete unique tasks to unlock them. There are 3 levels for each race: Easy, Normal and Hard.

You may personalize your character such as changing gender, skin colour… For clothes and motorbikes, you have to get them with cash. Money will be in the Race.

After completing the Race, you will be rewarded with points and provide you money. This amount is dependent upon the race conclusion time, the quantity of gold you get on the course, and your special actions.

The most fascinating feature of this game is the turbo system and acrobatic moves, very wonderful engine series. The game also supports 16 distinct languages and allows players to experience the game on the web flash.

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