Unicorn Kingdom

About Unicorn Kingdom

Unicorn Kingdom is an action game developed by WOPA INTERACTIVE. The match has cute graphics, bright colours and is suitable for all ages. It’s possible to play this game in your browser as it’s just a flash game.

At the game you could control a cunning unicorn with wings on his back.

When entering the match, you can just play Spring Kingdom. You need to complete the Spring Kingdom to unlock the rest of the kingdoms. Spring Kingdom could have 8 stages for you. Each stage will soon be a map with several diamonds and gems. You want to collect them until your diamond pub is full and you can complete the stage.

There’ll soon be a number of obstacles for you personally, when you touch, you will probably be stunned. In addition, there’s really a giant dragon that sparks fire behind you. If it strikes you, you lose. Fly higher up when it spews fire.

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