About Pacman

Pac man is a web-based version of the legendary pac man game (formerly played on NES devices). Considering all of the pictures, sounds and match play the exact same since the original version, this is really a game worth to see.

You’ll get a handle on Pacman and try to eat all the yellow dots on the map before you’re murdered by the monsters. Whenever you eat those dots, you may gain things.

Pac man’s speed is somewhat faster than monsters, however there are lots of monsters in this map. If you don’t move skillfully, you’ll likely be surrounded by monsters and killed for a few seconds.

The intriguing feature in pac-man is that on the map there will be enormous dots. When eating them, Pacman should be able to kill monsters. Additionally there’ll be veggies appear randomly on the map, even when eating them you are getting more points.

You will have 3 lives to finish this specific game. Do your best not to perish.

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