Truck Loader 5

About Truck Loader 5

Truck Loader 5 is the last of a series of puzzle games Compiled by Anton Subochev, Pictures by Alexey Davydov and music by Gennady Kovshenin.

Within this part, the gameplay is comparable to the previous two, your job will be to recover the crates by commanding the vehicle with the crane and put them in the right position on the truck. Until “Leave the Truck” appears, you leave the truck and finish the stage. At the end of this, you face the most difficult challenge of the match Truck Loader seris:

You may encounter new things like round containers, use them to roll and push the boxes into the desirable position.
A number of those buttons you have to the touch nevertheless they are within an inaccessible position, use the boxes about it.
That you still possess the basketball mini game simply 3? You might need to put it to use to pass some of the stages partly 5.

Generally within this section, you will discover lots of challenges difficult but not impossible. If you locate a solution to the point, you will locate the leashes such as chains combined at a subtle way that makes you more excited and excited.

At the beginning of each point, the device may count the seconds and show from the left side of the game screen so you are able to be aware of how much time required to cross the point. Based on this time, you will acquire stars corresponding to a maximum of 3 stars for every stage.

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