Ducklife 2

About Ducklife 2

Ducklife 2 is part 2 of this extremely fun and exciting flash online activity game collection. The game has simple and adorable images with bright colours. The match is acceptable for many ages, especially children and families.

Part 2 gets the identical gameplay as Part 1. Nevertheless, the game has updated some more attributes as follows:

Duck also needs to look closely at this Energy variable.

There are just 5 including Scotland, England, Egypt, Hawaii and Japan. However, Duck should win against the Scotland first then you can unlock the rest of the Races.

The bonus level between the Races will be different.

In each country there’ll soon be small rounds.

Throughout training, Duck may also earn coins. Duck utilize coins to purchase fashion items in DuckShop.

The impressive part of the game is that once you win some nation’s races, then you’re going to likely be raised to very high levels.

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